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CodeLens Providers

Gain insights into your codebase with reference and implementer counts. Understand usage patterns for functions, methods, fields, and interfaces.

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demonstration of code lens

Code Inspections

From unused initializations and writes to shadowed variables, unhandled errors, and deprecated symbols, our inspections help you enhance your code.

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demonstration of code inspections

References View

Get more information than the built-in references popup. References view allows you to see not only the file where the reference is located, but its package, function. Note: it works only with Tooltitude CodeLens providers.

demonstration of references view

Debug Individual Table Driven Tests

Debug Individual test driven tests with our debugging code lens.

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demonstration of debug individual table drive tests

Postfix Completions

Write code faster by using familiar dot notation to generate boilerplate code: generate statements, call library functions, iterate collections and more.

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demonstration of postfix completion

Code Actions

Make common code changes with confidence: handle errors, manipulate variables, transform expressions and more.

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demonstration of code actions
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Premium Code Actions

Use code actions to navigate to methods, implementing/implemented interfaces/methods, or Run/Debug main methods and tests. Don't break your flow by using a mouse or touchpad.

demonstration of premium code actions

Automatically Update Imports on Move or Rename

Save time by automatically updating import path on folder moves and renames.

demonstration of automatic imports update

Inline Values In The Debugger

See variable and parameter values right in your editor

demonstration of inline values in the debugger

Package Imports CodeLens Provider

Large scale module structure at your fingertips.

demonstration of package import CodeLens

Inlay Reference Counters

Save vertical space with inlay reference counters

demonstration of inlay reference counters

Unused Symbols in a Workspace

Find entities with no code references in the whole workspace.

demonstration of workspace wide unused symbols report

Run/Debug from a Keyboard

Run and Debug tests, and main methods from a keyboard.

demonstration of running and debugging using only keyboard