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Plus Feature Highlights

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Move Declarations Between Packages

References are updated when you move declarations between packages with Tooltitude. Don't waste time on doing it manually.

demonstration of move declaration between packages

Change Singatures

Change signatures of non interface methods and functions. Don't do error prone actions manually.

demonstration of inline values in the debugger

Automatically Update Imports on Move or Rename

Save time by automatically updating import path on folder moves and renames. Don't search and replace package imports manually.

demonstration of automatic imports update

Inline Values in the Debugger

See variable and parameter values right in your editor based on the context.

demonstration of inline values in the debugger

Premium Code Actions

Use code actions to navigate to methods, implementing/implemented interfaces/methods, or Run/Debug main methods and tests. Don't break your flow by using a mouse or touchpad.

demonstration of premium code actions

Unused Symbols in a Workspace

Find entities with no code references in the whole workspace.

demonstration of workspace wide unused symbols report

Plan Conditions

All paid plans are subject to the following conditions:

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