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Is the extension free to use? Open source?

The extension is free to use but is not open source. We have premium features with 30 days free trial. You could learn about them here. You could get 30 days free trial here

Which OSes and architecture do you support?

We support the following at the moment:

Please, let us know if you need other architecture in our issues tracker

Do you collect telemetry?

We collect telemetry. However, we collect only de-identified data (i.e. non personal data). This includes but is not limited to an operating system, a cpu model, number of cores, amount of memory, how you use vscode and extensions, timestamps of events, localization information, timezone, and performance information.

We follow the global telemetry setting, and if you want to turn the telemetry off, you could use this guide.

Do you support Visual Studio Code compatible/based IDEs?

Currently we officially support only Microsoft Visual Studio Code. If you are interested in their support, please create an issue in our issue tracker here

How could I leave a review or give a rating?

Which country are you located in?

We are located in the US.


When using Tooltitude, go.sum file changes. How to prevent it?

Most likely, your go.sum/go.mod/ files aren't in sync. On startup, Tooltitude downloads dependencies by default and during this process go.sum might be updated. If you want to disable this behavior there're two options:

Note: please, use these options only as the last resort. It's much better to find a way to keep your project files in sync.